Lesotho media reflects on SADC Gender Protocol ahead of 2015 deadline

A year ahead of the deadline to attain equal representation of women in the ownership and decision making structures of the media, in accordance with Article 12.1 of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, media practitioners met in Maseru this morning to reflect on the progress made. A breakfast meeting organised by Gender Links... Continue Reading →


Union bigwigs not so amused by wage increase

Maseru, October 30 –Some labour union leaders are not so amused by wage increase commencing end of October in the private sector. The dissatisfaction has come to the surface particularly within the textile union with Unite General Secretary Bahlakoana Lebakae openly expressing it to the newsline365.wordpress.com just a day before end of the month. Lebakae... Continue Reading →

IEC cash strapped, seeks millions of funding

Maseru, October 29 – Lesotho’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) faces a challenge of a funding requirement of more than M286 million for next year’s parliamentary election. This amount exceeds that of the 2012 electoral process by M86 million. The IEC Public Relations Officer Tuoe Hant’si told newsline365.wordpress.com that the electoral process commenced without any cash... Continue Reading →

Lesotho in follow suit to combat malaria

Maseru, October 27 – Lesotho’s is making is taking a leaf from the SADC member countries to implement minimum standards to prevent rampant malaria. The kingdom’s ministry of health is implementing the regional organisation’s health framework on elimination, prevention and control of the deadly disease. The framework’s implementation became a reality today when the health... Continue Reading →

Unionists fight ministry over political ban

MASERU – OCTOEBR 26- A fresh war has erupted between the ministry of education and the teachers’ union over a ban prohibiting educators from participating in part politics. The ministry of education and training’s ban is still reverberating in the minds of teachers union Lesotho Teachers Trade Union (LTTU) with its secretary general Vuyani Tyhali... Continue Reading →

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