Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Lesotho faces arrest.


Maseru 24th October 2014 – Monyane Moleleki faces arrest for committing a M4,000.00 worth Mercedes Benz E240 compressor 2003 model as surety against M100,000.00 bail in his fraud and corruption case in 2013.

The vehicle belonging to Ntlhoi Motsamai, aslo an MP for the opposition Democratic Congress (DC) was pledged as surety valued at M117,500.00 while it was bought from the government of Lesotho for a meagre M4,000.00.

Moleleki lost the case in the Court of Appeal of Lesotho in which he had appealed against an issuance of a warrant of his arrest by the Maseru Magistrate Court for failing to pay the M100,000.00.WP_20141024_009[1]

The accused, together with four others was charged of corruption and fraud involving M15 000,000.00 for alledgedly granting a diamond mining prospecting license to Refela Holdings Company.

According to the Court of Appeal of Lesotho, on 1st July, 2013 the prosecution contended that the bail security was insufficient. The state indicated that the true value of the vehicle was M4,000.00 and not a supposed M117, 500. It was then that the magistrate authorised warrants of arrest for both Moleleki and Motsamai.

Moleleki and Motsamai contended that a warrant of arrest could not be issued against them before they could be afforded a hearing.

“The Court is quite aware that where it mero motu considers or where there is objection submitted before it as to insufficiency of surety, a warrant of arrest has to be issued against the accused so as to find sufficient surety.” So read the judgement C of A (CIV) No. 14/2014 heard and on the 13 Ocboter, 2014 and delivered 24th October, 2104.

Motsamai in this case was set free on the grounds that she was not an accused in the principal case of fraud and corruption.

“The warrant for the arrest of the second applicant [Motsamai] dated 1 July, 2013, if still capable of being executed, is set aside”, the judgement read.

Him and four co-accused were charged of fraud and corruption arising from planned diamond mining activities in the districts of Botha Bothe and Qacha’s Nek. The activities were to be carried out by Refela Holdings Compnay.


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