Lesotho in follow suit to combat malaria

Maseru, October 27 – Lesotho’s is making is taking a leaf from the SADC member countries to implement minimum standards to prevent rampant malaria.

The kingdom’s ministry of health is implementing the regional organisation’s health framework on elimination, prevention and control of the deadly disease.

The framework’s implementation became a reality today when the health ministry started training health medical personnel from 18 government hospitals and three private hospitals on orientation, refreshing and detection of malaria.


Health Medical Personnel attending Malaria Conference in Maseru
Health Medical Personnel attending Malaria Conference in Maseru

“When the SADC realised the health situation in the region was deteriorating due to the deadly malaria, it formulated a framework on malaria that binds each member state to reduce malaria incidence,” the International Health Regulations manager Khotso Mahomo told newsline65— today at the start of the five-day meeting.

Malaria which is number one killer disease is caused by the anopheles mosquito. It kills one child in every minute while globally there are 207 million cases reported and 627 million deaths. About 3.4 billion people are living at the risk of the disease globally.

The health personnel is also being trained on malaria rapid diagnostic testing.

The SADC framework on minimum standards also aims at conducting the survey and testing of cases from imported areas in order to enable treatment “so as to avert unnecessary loss of life.”

“For Lesotho the cases are not reported because they are not in our system. We have had only imported cases of travellers from countries in which malaria is endemic. However, we have suspicion that there might be some cases but which are not reported. Our doctors seem to delay to link malaria with the patient’s illness,” Mahomo said.

In addition, participants are to gain knowledge on both severe and uncomplicated malaria type as “they are expected to practice early diagnosis known as proper cemoprophylaxis.

Lesotho’s health ministry has advised Basotho nationals travelling abroad to conduct the department of International Health Regulations to be advised on diseases prevalent in the countries they visit.

So far, only two cases of malaria have been treated recently.

The training is supported by the SADC secretariat’s health cluster.


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