Trout fish braai brands a restaurant in Maseru, Lesotho

It is a fine, warm and shiny Saturday afternoon. At Birdnest Resturant, by Maqalika dam about five kilo meters north of Maseru city, here guys have gathered at the joint not only to enjoy good music, but also to relax while having trout fish braai. “This is the beginning and we have planned to hold... Continue Reading →


New boss for Lesotho National Development Corporation

Maseru – The 10th Chief Executive of the Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC) Kelebone Leisanyane was unveiled to the media today in Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho, to assume duties from a Caretaker Chief Executive. In an exclusive interview with at the headquarters of the government owned investment’s corporation, Leisanyane said he intends... Continue Reading →

Lesotho mining industry faces poor compliance with environmental laws

Lesotho faces enormous challenges of shortage of staff to ensure compliance of extractive operations with environmental laws and regulations. According to Lehlohonolo Chefa of the Policy Analysis and Research Institute of Lesotho (PARIL) Lesotho’s department of environment has three experts to monitor environmental impact of mining activities. “There is need for more experts at the... Continue Reading →

A vote of thanks express its thanks to all the people who read this blog. As you may have noticed, the blog is armature in terms of layout and design. This is because it was in a one month trail. Now that we have learned that there is you out there who needs information on Lesotho, we are happy to announce that this blog will... Continue Reading →

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