Police further investigate double killer, seeks bail

Maseru, November 5 – A double murder suspect Setsokotsane Majalle,20,is to appear before the Maseru magistrate on remand after being charged with murder and robbery of two women –one a nurse and another a health ministry official- in Thaba-Bosiu four months ago.

Majalle who lives in Mazenod, about 10 km south of Maseru city, will be appearing in court on November 17 for the third time since criminal police detectives made a breakthrough to arrest him on October 19.

Since his last appearance in court on Monday this week, Majalle has been kept in detention at the Maseru Central Prison.

According to the information office of the Maseru magistrate court, police are yet to complete their investigation about the killings and the armed robbery which took place in Thaba-Bosiu on August 12.

Majalle’s charges stem from his alleged murder of Mpho Khut’soane and ‘Mathebane Ramataboe on August 12 at the time they were attending a workshop in the area. The killings drew widespread criticism from many quarters in the country with gender activists baying for a speedy arrest of the suspects.

According to the charges, Majalle unlawfully and intentionally assaulted Khut’soane by hitting her with stones on her body resulting in infliction of serious injuries. She later died from the injuries.

On another instance, he assaulted and hit Ramataboe with stones causing serious injuries that resulted in her death on the spot.

Again, Majalle is charged with armed robbery after he allegedly stole a car, a V/W Golf model which was legally in possession of Khut’soane on the same day. He had threatened the victim with shooting if she failed to comply to release her vehicle.

During his initial court appearance, Majalle was alerted of his right to legal representation and the right to seek bail in the High Court.

According to the information office at the magistrate court, Majalle plans to seek bail in the High Court but no date has yet been set for hearing.

During his first appearance before Magistrate Monyake Hlabanyane, two charges of murder to which he pronounced to understand, were read to him.


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