Civic education to empower electorate ahead of Lesotho elections

Participants at a two-day national dialogue on coalition governance have appealed for a strong civic education as a measure to empower the electorate three months ahead of a planned general election.

Lesotho’s parliamentary elections were brought forward from 2017 for February 2015 after the country’s fall into a political crisis due to strained relations within the coalition government of All Basotho Convention, Lesotho Congress for Democracy and the Basotho National Party.

The Smart Partnership Dialogue participants in Maseru today
The Smart Partnership Dialogue participants in Maseru today

“In order to carry out a strong civic education, the government should allocate a certain portion of the budget for empowerment of civic organizations,” said an unidentified participant during a discussion session at the end of the conference.

Mofonose Hoohlo-Sakoane advised that those carrying out civic education should cooperate with the local councilors and chiefs who are traditional community leaders.

“Civic organizations should primarily be educated on government systems so that they largely and actively participate in national affairs,” pleaded Hoohlo-Sakoane.

The dialogue ended today after a theme “Stable Democratic Dispensation and Sustainable Coalition Governance, the Smart Partnership Way” was discussed by participants from the media, civil society, academia, government and the private sector.

The smart partnership initiative is aimed at sharing knowledge and experiences on good governance, wealth promotion, building relations between government and private sector as well as bridging a gap between the developing and developed countries.

The conference was organized by the Lesotho Smart Partnership Hub under the office of the Prime Minister.


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