Lesotho police hunt ‘mercenaries’, but no Nigerians, Ghanaians

Nigerian and Ghanaian communities in Lesotho distanced themselves from allegation of their nationals being investigated by police of mercenary activities.

At the press conference in Maseru a few minutes ago, minister Kayode E. Oguntuase from Nigerian High Commission in Pretoria in South Africa said they were seriously disturbed by media reports about their alleged nationals who were reported to have entered Lesotho on a mission to assassinate King Letsie III, Prime Minister Tom Thabane and Minister Thesele Maseribane.

Oguntuase said as Commonwealth member like Lesotho, Nigeria was determined to ensure peace and stability in Lesotho.

“A mention of our people contributing in criminal acts has raised huge concern to the government of Nigeria”, so said the minister appealing to the media to avoid placing their citizens’ lives in jeopardy.

Backing the minister, Joachim Iyke Monyeh who is the President of the Nigerian community in Lesotho appealed to law enforcement agents to be factual when realizing information to the media.

At the same event the public relations officer senior  inspector Thato Ramarikhoane confirmed that the police were investigating alleged mercenaries who had entered Lesotho with intention to commit crimes. However, he dismissed identity of the alleged mercenaries as neither Nigerians nor Ghanaians.

The Ghanaian community was led by Ghana Honorary Consul  Frank Baffoe who warned the media of negative reporting saying it endangered Nigerians and Ghanaians leaving in Lesotho.

The press conference was held with advice of the AFP reporter Michael Jordan who published a story that Lesotho police were hunting alleged Nigerians and Ghanaians ‘mercenaries’ who had entered Lesotho.

Speaking at the conference that was attended by about 30 Nigerians and Ghanaians of different professional fields, Jordan said was apologetic of the consequences of the story on the local Nigerian and Ghanaian community, but he stood by his story as he got information from credible sources.

First published by the AFP, the story was run by local media with print taking greater toll.


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