Lesotho journalists grilled on peace building ahead of general poll

Maseru – MISA Lesotho is to hold peace building and conflict reporting training for 30 current affairs and political progammes presenters and newspapers’ journalists starting on the 12th December, 2015.

According to MISA Lesotho Chapter the training, to be held in the Free State Province in the Republic of South Africa will introduce participants from both print and electronic media to peace building and conflict reporting as guided by the Guidelines for Peace Reporting for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and any other instruments by SADC, African Union and the United Nations.

MISA Lesotho National Director, Tsebo Mats’asa told newsline365.wordpress.com that the training will also dwell on other countries’ experiences on the role of media in reporting peace building and conflict. Participants, according to Mats’asa, will identify peace building and conflict issues relevant to Lesotho.

Also, the media personnel will be enlightened on local broadcasting rules to peace initiatives, the Media’s Electoral Code of Conduct, media ethics.

The presentation on broadcasting rules will scrutinize efforts by journalists to abide by the rules of the trade by identifying strengths, weaknesses while addressing the country’s current political developments for the media to be active role players in peace building processes.

Again, the training will also focus on media monitoring processes in peace building and address challenges that the media face in carrying out is duties.

MISA Chapter Lesotho has told newsline365.wordpress.com that only MoAfrika Fm declined participation in the training workshop citing staff shortage as reason.

The training is held as part of MISA Lesotho activities under its project on Broadcasters’ Peace Building and Conflict Reporting supported by the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and the United Nations Development Programme.


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