Historical Live Radio Simultaneous Broadcasting of Political Parties Rallies in Lesotho.

For the first time in history a five private radio stations in Lesotho did a simultaneous live broadcasting of political parties rallies ahead of the 28th February, 2015.

The transmission was carried out by the Media Institute of Southern Africa Lesotho (MISA Lesotho) chapter as part of the its Peace Building and Conflict Reporting Project supported by Open Society Initiative in Southern Africa (OSISA) and the United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) Lesotho.

Participating radio stations were KEL Radio, Thaaha Khube FM, Radio Spes Nostra, Dope FM and Motjoli FM.

According to MISA Lesotho Project Coordinator, Ms. Mookho Mphonyo radio stations that did not participate yesterday will join on the 27th , 28th February and 1st March, 2015.

Ms. Mookho Mphoonyo, MISA Lesotho Coordinator for Peace Building and Conflict Reporting Project.
Ms. Mookho Mphoonyo, MISA Lesotho Coordinator for Peace Building and Conflict Reporting Project.

She further disclosed that MISA Lesotho will deploy 30 journalists, three in each district, throughout the ten districts of Lesotho to cover elections on the three mentioned days.

Mphonyo said there will be ‘election reporting hour’ from 7am to 8am, 12noon to 1pm, 5pm to 6pm and 9pm to 10pm during which the deployed journalists will be reporting live on simultaneous broadcasting on all participating radio stations in Lesotho.

Besides radio reports, said Mphonyo, journalists will be sending video clips to MISA Lesotho offices where they will be posted to youtube account for the world to watch Lesotho elections. Along with video clips print media journalists will be writing articles accompanied with photos for posting on MISA Lesotho facebook page.

The objective of the live simultaneous broadcasting on elections in Lesotho is to ensure professionalism and minimise unethical reporting by some polurised radio stations in a view to contribute to peace building in the country.

Meanwhile, on the 17th February, 2015 journalists participating in MISA Lesotho Peace Building and Conflict Reporting Project signed a pledge before the UNDP Country Representative committing themselves to report the electoral process professionally and adhere to ethical standards for maintenance and sustenance of peace before, during and after the elections.


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