Lesotho Home Affairs Minister named on the plot to kill former army commander

Testifying before the SADC commission of inquiry into the death of the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) army commander, the wife of the late commander disclosed that the Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Lekhetho Rakuane, sent unidentified men persuading the deceased to submit to anything that the government proposes so that the Deputy Prime Minister, Mothejoa... Continue Reading →


Witness frustrates the Commission of inquiry into the death of Lesotho army commander

A witness, Col. Tefo Hashatsi’s response was his protection mechanism as, according to him, in terms of Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) Act, indication of knowledge of any issue pertaining to the death of the late commander will incriminate individual members of the LDF. Col. Hashatsi was invited to appear before the commission because his was... Continue Reading →

Lesotho Deputy Prime Minister before the SADC commission into the murder of former commander

The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) commission of inquiry into the killing of the late Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) Commander Lt. Gen Mahao, adjourned for lunch with the Lesotho Deputy Prime Minister Mothejoa Metsing still testifying. In his testimony Metsing revealed how their coalition (All Basotho Convention - ABC, Basotho National Party - BNP and... Continue Reading →

Lesotho Civil Society Gets ready for COP 21 in Paris

Maseru- Under their mother body, Lesotho Council of NGOs, under the Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Commissions, civil society organisations met today to position themselves for the COP 21 in Paris. With the support of the United Nations Development Programme and the Lesotho Meteorology Services, the NGOs have among others, urged the government of Lesotho... Continue Reading →

Lesotho Colonel Bulane Sechele testifies.

Tough questions over Mahao’s murder SECHABA MOKHETHI MASERU – Following his testimony before the Commission of Inquiry on Monday, Colonel Bulane Sechele (BS) received a lot of grilling from Commissioner Charles Tarumbwa (CT) on his submissions. Chaired by M.P Phumaphi of Botswana, the Commission was assigned by Southern African Development Community (SADC) Double-Troika Summit on... Continue Reading →

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