Lesotho Prime Minister, before the commission of inquiry into the death of late army commander

The Prime Minister of Lesotho Dr. Phakalitha Mosisili is currently testifying before the commission of inquiry to investigate circumstances surrounding the recent death of former Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) commander, Maaparankoe Mahao who was killed by the Lesotho Defence Force on the 25th June, 2015.

The commission is on its third day and among others, it is mandated to investigate the legality and removal of the LDF commander Lieutenant General Tlali Kamoli last year before he was reinstated by Prime Minister Dr Pakalitha Mosisili.

In his testimony the Prime Minister, among other, maintained that re-appointment of Lt. General Tlali Kennedy Kamoli to the position of the Lesotho Defence Force commandor was to regularise what was wrongly done by the Former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane.

During cross examination the Prime Minister said that Kamoli was not afforded a hearing before removed from the position was unlawful.

Mosisili was however not sure whether it was lawful to for Kamoli to refuse to leave the office when he was fired from the army by the Former Prime Minister.

He told the commission that Lt. Gen. Tlali Komali was the one who told him that he was not given a hearing by the Former Prime Minister and, according to Mosisili, Lt. Gen. Kamoli claims were confirmed by the Government of Lesotho’s Attorney General.

Mosisili agrees that it was reckless for Kamoli to say that the Former Prime Minister was illegal since he had only 59 seats out of 120 of the Lesotho Parliament.

On a question regarding his trust to Kamoli’s even though he proved he had disobeyed the forma government request to  surrender members of the LDF to the police regarding allegations of their involvement in illegal acts such as bombing of the residents of the Police Commissioner and incidents of killing of children in the Mafeteng district, Mosisili expressed his confidence to Kamoli.

The commission has gone for a lunch break and the chairperson has announced that the Prime Minister’s was released from being cross examined.

In the past two days, appearing before the commission was Colonel Bulane Sechele who was the commanding officer of the mission to arrest the late Mahao.

According to Advocate Hae Phoofolo who is the lawyer for the Mahao family, Sechele evidence is frustrating the commission as it does not provide vital information because of fear to incriminate LDF personnel.

In his testimony, among others, Sechele argued that according to laws governing the army in Lesotho, names of officers in army operation are not disclosed and Phoofolo argues that the commission will not meet some of its objectives because of such laws.

The commission is made up of Justice Mpaphi Passevil Phumaphi (chairperson), Brigadier General Davie Sestino Mtachi, Brigadier General Charles Tarumbwa (legal counsel), Brigadier General Noel Ndhlovu and Brigadier Helena Ras.

Making part of the commission is also Deputy Commissioner of Police Silvanus Lineekela Nghishidimbwa, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Douglas Jabulani Nyakutsikwa, Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wally, Gopolang Mogotsi and Hermanus Elbrink.


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