Lesotho Deputy Prime Minister before the SADC commission into the murder of former commander

The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) commission of inquiry into the killing of the late Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) Commander Lt. Gen Mahao, adjourned for lunch with the Lesotho Deputy Prime Minister Mothejoa Metsing still testifying.

In his testimony Metsing revealed how their coalition (All Basotho Convention – ABC, Basotho National Party – BNP and Lesotho Congress for Democracy -LCD) failed to rule the country due to disagreement on a range of issues.image003

Some of the issues they disagreed on include removal of the recently reappointed LDF’s commander Lt. Gen. Tlali Kamoli.

According to Metsing, the former Lesotho Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, much as he claimed how well was his working relations with Kamoli, Thabane wanted to promote Mahao on the grounds of being educated and exposure of working at SADC and African Union.

Another issue of disagreement was offering of amnesty to the people who were arrested attempting to assassinate him (Metsing) and other members of the Congress political ideology, while those who were committing crimes that were aiming at aborting mutinous and seditious acts were not being granted amnesty.

Another area of disagreement in the Thabane’s led coalition was firing of government senior officials such principal secretaries.

Metsing disclosed that one of their challenges was mismanagement of the government information to the media.

The commission will resume at 2pm.


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