Late Lesotho Defence Force Commder’s Wife Accused By Her Husband’s Political Party

Popular Front for Democracy (PFD) has dismissed allegations that its leader, Hon. Lekhotho Rakuane, who is the minister of home affairs, knew about a plot to kill the late Lesotho Defence Force Commander.

Led by the party’s deputy leader Thabang Kholumo, PFD held a press conference in Maseru yesterday to respond to the testimony made by the widow before SADC commission of inquiry into the death of her husband.

Last week the widow testified before the SADC Commission that Rakuane sent unidentified men to persuade the late commander to accept anything that would be proposed by the government so that the PFD leader would request the deputy prime minister to spare him life.

“Mrs. Mamphanya’s evidence is a new thinking that is aimed at destroying the reputation of our leader and the deputy prime minister Mothejoa Metsing”, said Kholumo.

The party argued that the wife of the late LFD commander is used by the opposition political parties to undermine success that PFD through its leader has achieved within a very short period in office.

Kholumo cited a yet to be operationalized agreement on eased movement of the people of Lesotho and South Africa between the two countries.

He told the media that their leader, did donated an ox and grocery for the funeral of the late commander.

The Mahao families attorney did not asked the deputy prime minister during cross examination before the SADC commission, and this according to PFD demonstrate that the widow’s evidence was fabricated to discredit PFD leader and depupty prime minister Mothejoa Metsing.


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