Lesotho Prime Minister tells UN that constitutional reforms and SDGs implementation are a priority for the country.

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, the Prime Minister of Lesotho Dr. Pakalitha Mosisili said that with the support of Common Wealth, the country is in agreement with the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) that constitutional reforms is the first step towards the road to political stability.

The leader of Democratic Congress, Dr. Pakalitha Mosisili
The leader of Lesotho Coalition Government

“Lesotho has passed through many political challenges since the return to democratic rule in 1993, which placed us on the agenda on SADC for far too long.” He said adding that Most of challenges that Lesotho has been facing have tested the resilience and relevance of the country’s constitution.

Mosisili whose country is currently commissioning SADC to inquire into, among others, circumstances that led to the killing of Lesotho Defence Force Commander Maaparankoe Mahao, appealed to UN to offer support and necessary guidance in the constitutional reform process whenever the need arise;

“so that Lesotho dignity can be restored and for peace and stability to ruin.” He said.

With regard to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by UN last week, Mosisili, said Lesotho draw courage and confidence over the fact that most them resonate so well with the objectives of the new coalition government which he leads.

“A very ambitious commitment the leadership of the coalition government has made is to ensure that Lesotho emerges from the group of least developed states by twenty fifteen and a practical road map under the SDGs compliments programmes already in place in Lesotho.” Said Mosisili.

Mosisili also expressed gratitude to the African Union for putting faith in Lesotho by nominating His Majesty King Letsie III as the champion for nutrition.

He said the move will intensify efforts that his country is already making with regard to nutrition in Lesotho.

He further told the UN general assembly that Lesotho has recently launched an innovative energy policy which will ensure a substantial energy increase of renewable energy production leading to an increase in affordable energy provision to fifty per cent by the end of this current term of parliament.

“These are just a few examples of development programmes that Lesotho is committed to implement in the next ten year which are in line with the SDGs just adopted.” He told the UN.


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