Month: March 2016

The Queen of Lesotho hikes up Qeme Plateau

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This morning, accompanied by the Thapoha Hiking Club, the Queen of Lesotho Her Majesty Karabo Seeiso, took a five hour walk with vigor and amazing energy.

The Queen (in grey hat) charts with some participants on their arrival at Likatola Horse Riding and Adventure.

Started at Ha Moruthoane and ended at Likatola Horse Riding and Adventure, the walk described by some of the club members as one of the one of toughest, comprised of about one hour up and about half an hour down the Qeme plateau.

Qeme plateau is 16 kilometers long stretching from Ha Teko on the north and Ha Mants’ebo on south and it the one where the South African Boers have engraved their victory over Moshoeshoe I in 1868 a year before the signing of the Aliwal North Treaty that defined the current Lesotho borders with the Republic of South Africa.

Besides historical importance Qeme plateau has some Bushmen painting and some rocks that describe the life of it first inhabitants.