Biking for change in Lesotho; “We ride, They like”

In Lesotho, a roar of cruise or super bike, no matter how high or low, is a soothing sound enjoyed not only by young people, but even eldersIMG-20170329-WA0015 regardless of age or societal status. This is a feeling one gets as bikes move on Kingsway street in Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho, or any of rural district towns throughout the Kingdom in the Sky.  People’s excitement is expressed through whistling or vigorous shouts as bikes pass and this is one of issues that may have informed a motto of one of newly formed Motor Cycling Club (MCC), Friends MCC;

“We ride, They like”

The club may have been formed for leisure, but Friends MCC has more than just fun to offer.  The club is a non-profit making charity organization striving to make a difference by reaching out to disadvantaged communities in Lesotho.

According to the club’s President Biker Mash (Biking name) Friends MCC hopes to make lasting impact in various communities by engaging in fundraising in support of the needy with an objective to;

“…Really just to show them that we care”, says Mash adding that it is also a matter of instilling positive qualities such as friendship and integrity among club members. Friends MCC fundraising events include carwashes and birthday parties of the club members.

Up coming  Friends MCC’s fundraising event in Maseru on the 1st April, 2017 will be a birthday celebration of Biker Vibe.photoXBSI271O

“When I first bought my bike it did not click that I could use my riding to benefit the less fortunate.” so said Vibe. He disclosed that he bought his bike as a hobby and that even when Friends MCC was formed it was mainly for fun.

“It was only when we realised that bikes attract crowd the idea of using it for fundraising with a purpose to help those in need came about.

“At the party we will sell merchandise ranging from biker T-shirts, caps, badges as well as food and other small items”, added Mash.

The club is currently fundraising to buy warm clothes for Semonkong Orphanage as winter is fast approaching.



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