Month: July 2017

Casino monopoly smashed in Lesotho as Goldrush Group opens after court battle.

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Gold Group (Pty), a Republic of South Africa company smashed a Avani Lesotho casino monopoly as Goldrush Casino opens in Maseru, capital city of Lesotho, last Friday.

Establishing 200 slots machines casino was a result of two year court battle between Avani Lesotho and Casino Board, the fight that Goldrush Group joint as in interested party.

Upon filling of a casion lisecence, Avani Group filed a case against Casino Board requesting the board to suspend Goldrush Casino licsence. However, Avani Lesotho lost.

In an interview with Goldrush Casino Operations Manager Mr. Katleho Thejane, shortly before the casino official launch, Goldrush Group came to Lesotho to tap in the casino market and contribute to economic development of the country.

Opening of Goldrush Casino came with 45 jobs offered to youth in a country where unemployment among youth has reached worrying level of over 45 per cent of the labour force.

Goldrush Group (Pty) has been operating in Lesotho since 2015 with Sporting Betting businesses established in Maseru, Teya-Teyaneng and Maputsoe in the Leribe district.

“Recently hired people at Goldrush Casino brings a total number of employees by Goldrush Group to two hundered”, so said Thejane whose company has invested R40 million in Lesotho.

Goldrush Group (Pty) is a Republic of South Africa company established in 1998.