Monstrous #Lesotho Defense Force Order challenged

The man on driving seat then, Lt Gen Tlali Kennedy Kamoli is currently awaiting trial in custody and victims are up against most of his deeds. On the 7th December 2017 the court of Lesotho will hear a case on female soldiers dismissed from the army for getting pregnant in contravention of Standing Order No.... Continue Reading →


Casino monopoly smashed in Lesotho as Goldrush Group opens after court battle.

Gold Group (Pty), a Republic of South Africa company smashed a Avani Lesotho casino monopoly as Goldrush Casino opens in Maseru, capital city of Lesotho, last Friday. Establishing 200 slots machines casino was a result of two year court battle between Avani Lesotho and Casino Board, the fight that Goldrush Group joint as in interested... Continue Reading →

Mass action to save AGOA begins in Lesotho – Government fails to; Protect Rule of law, Fight corruption, Reduce poverty and Protect human rights

Alliance of Non-State-Actors and Political Party Youth Leagues will embark into a mass action campaign aiming to put pressure on Lesotho government to work towards meeting term as conditions to qualify for African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) which provided about 40 000 jobs in the country. Mass action to save AGOA begins in Lesotho -... Continue Reading →

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