Historical Live Radio Simultaneous Broadcasting of Political Parties Rallies in Lesotho.

For the first time in history a five private radio stations in Lesotho did a simultaneous live broadcasting of political parties rallies ahead of the 28th February, 2015. The transmission was carried out by the Media Institute of Southern Africa Lesotho (MISA Lesotho) chapter as part of the its Peace Building and Conflict Reporting Project... Continue Reading →


Lesotho media house aligned to political parties; Says MISA Lesotho Media Monitoring Group

The Media Institute of Southern Africa Lesotho (MISA Lesotho) chapter' Media Monitoring Group has issued this statement on Sunday 22nd February, 2015. "The Media Monitoring group has observed various media houses on how they report on election related issues. The Media Monitoring Group looks at frequency at which political parties fare in various media houses... Continue Reading →

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